Online trading requires a lot of devotion, knowledge and analysis. The area of online trading is constantly growing, and it has become more accessible than ever. People from all over the world can trade on stock or Forex market, but also trade binary options and call or put options involving commodities, indices, currency pairs or stocks. Binary options robots also enable you to trade these assets, but you can make the trading automated. Explore one of the best binary apps at

If you want to be a successful online trader, you will need to analyze the market from various aspects. Some of the most commonly used techniques are technical and fundamental analysis. Some traders use both, but they are generally applicable to different trading styles. In this article, we will discuss the applications, advantages and disadvantages of fundamental analysis.

Who can make use of fundamental analysis?

Fundamental analysis relies on economic processes which affect the movements and changes in the market. Fundamental analysts take a variety of factors into account: social processes, economic and political situation and the changes within the company if they trade on the stock market. This type of the analysis involves long-term and global examination. Therefore, it is most widely used by position traders on stock and Forex market.

fundamental-analysisSince fundamental analysis involves such long-term predictions and comprehensive analysis of different factors, it is not suitable for day traders. They rather benefit from technical analysis, because they can make no use of long-term predictions if they make short-term trades.


First of all, fundamental analysis takes into consideration a lot of factors when analyzing the market. Interest rates, trade balance, GDP, foreign investments, inflation and other data are all a topic of this analysis. Therefore, the traders can get a clear and accurate insight about the situation in the market. As a result, they can make correct predictions and achieve success in trading.

fundamental-analysis-of-the-forex-investmentThen, by performing fundamental analysis, the traders can gain useful knowledge about the global market and the way it works. They can apply this knowledge in many types of trade and it provides them with knowledge and self-esteem necessary for any trading they decide to perform. This also means that day traders can have benefits from the fundamental analysis, because they will get a better understanding of how the market works and how one factor influences the other.

Fundamental analysis requires data from the economic indicators which are made public on regular basis. The analysts have the calendar when these indicators will be released, so they can include them in the analysis as soon as they are published.



One of the most prominent disadvantages of fundamental analysis is that it requires a lot of knowledge and skill. While it is beneficial to include all the different data in the analysis, not everyone can perform it. It can be demanding and tome-consuming, and it also takes time to learn it.

Another disadvantage is that it cannot be applied to short-term trades. Even though it can help the traders understand how the market works, it is not useful for making predictions. Fundamental analysis focuses on long-term predictions, and short-term traders cannot make too much use of them.